Time & Attendance

Why does the “Out” punch go to the next line?

How to increase the Max Shift Length

If the “Out” Punch is going to the next line, it means the OUT punch is assigned to a new shift. To fix this, you will need to increase the Max Shift Length in the Reporting Hours. Follow the instructions below to increase the Max Shift Length.


1. Determine the # of hours in the shift. 


     9:00 am - 6:00 pm = 9 Hours 


2. Check which Reporting Hours Rule was assigned to the Employee


a. Click the Global Settings Cog Wheel 



b. Click Time and Attendance to expand the options and select Reporting Hours



c. Click      



d. Search for and select the affected employee.



e. Take note of the Rule

  • e.g. Rule = 8 Hours Max


3. Locate the rule and click   



4. Make sure the Max Shift Length is at least 2 hours above what an employee would normally work, to accommodate for any irregularities.

* A new rule name must be entered (Click on it or press enter)



5. Click      to add the new Reporting Hours rule. 


* The IN and OUT punches should now appear on the same line.