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Why Am I Unable to Edit the Time Zone of a Location?

Why am I unable to change the Time Zone for a location?

The time zone assigned to a location cannot be changed once added. To edit the Time Zone assigned to a location, the location must be archived and re-added with the correct time zone. To do so, follow the instructions below: 


1. Select EasyHR from the Product Menu  


Image from Gyazo


2. Click      Organization Groups in the left nav to expand the options and select Locations



3. Select the Location with the incorrect time zone from the Location List



If you wish to use the same location name, edit and save the name of the location before the next step


4. Click      and select Archive      to delete the location


5. Click      and select Add   


6. Enter the Name, correct Time Zone, and select a Geofence (optional) for the new location



7. Click      to add the Location


The location will need to be re-assigned to all applicable employees and/or time clocks