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Who is Out | Widget Overview

How to Add the Who is Out Widget and an overview of the Widget Settings

The Who is Out widget Widget is an out-of-the-box Time Off widget that provides a quick way to see employees who have scheduled time off over a specified duration. Whether it's a holiday, sick leave, vacation, or any other time off type, these are all visible from the Who is Out widget. 


How to Add the Who is Out Widget


1. Click      in the Left Nav to open the Dashboard


2. Click      to enable the Manager Dashboard (if applicable)  


3. Click    at the top left of the screen and select   


4. Select   


5. In the Widget Gallery, enable    and click   

* The Who is Out Widget will appear on the Dashboard



Setting Description
Name Employee Name
  • Holiday
    • Name of the Holiday
  • Sick
  • Vacation
  • Personal
  • Custom Time-Off Types
Details Date associated with the Status



Widget Settings Overview


1. Click      and select  

    •    updates the widget to display the latest information
    •   removes the widget from the dashboard


2.  Make the necessary selections and click   

Setting Description
Include Holidays

If Yes - Holidays are included with the Time Off Types

If No - Holidays are not displayed


3. Click