Timesheet Summary Export

Overview of the Timesheet Summary Export and how to run the export

Timesheet Summary Export


The Timesheet Summary Export exports employee Timesheet totals per pay period or date range.


The Timesheet Summary Export exports the following employee data fields from EasyWorkforce:

  • Employee ID
  • Employee Name
  • Amount
  • Worked Hours
  • Unscheduled
  • Out of Shift
  • Unworked Planned
  • Break Taken 
  • Deducted Break
  • Extended Break
  • Break Not Taken
  • Unplanned Break
  • Break Paid
  • Time Off
  • Paid Time Off
  • Overtime
  • Double TIme

How to Run a Timesheet Summary Export


1. Click Export in the Left Nav to open the    Export list


2. Select Employee Basic Data from the    Export list



3. Use the Date Range Selector to select a date range.


  • Use Pay Period - Select an available pay period
  • Use Date Range - Enter or select a specific date range


4. Click    next to Deliveries and select a Delivery Method (optional)


5. Click     to run the Export


6. Click    in the notifications panel in the top right to view the background task notifications



7. Click     next to the export notification to download the export file



8. The export will download as a CSV spreadsheet file


To have an export sent automatically, add a Delivery Method and Recurrence