Team Staffing

Team Staffing Application Overview

How to add Team Staffing shifts to the Scheduler and an overview of the related settings.

Teams must first be added before Team Staffing can be applied to the Scheduler. See: How to Add Teams for Team Staffing


1. Go to the EasyScheduling Product Area

Image from Gyazo


2. Select a    Schedule Plan from the Left Nav and open the Scheduler.


3. Click    in the top left of the Scheduler to open the Team Staffing view.


4. Mouseover a day on the Scheduler and click the + sign.

* You can click and drag over an area to add shifts over multiple days.



5. Configure each setting as necessary. 



6. Click      to add the Team Staffing Shift.


7. Once all of the Shifts have been added, click      and select Publish   


8. Review the Elements and click   


* Each team member will receive a notification with the Shift details