Reporting Hours - Web Clock

How to enable the web clock reporting method and a summary of the related options

Please see the Reporting Hours Overview  for details up to this point. 


1. Check the Web clock In/Out checkbox



   2. Click Web Clock In/ Out to expand the options. By default the employees will be able to clock in from any IP Address.


     If this is an issue, select Allow certain IP address from the drop down. Now you will have the option to add authorized IP addresses.

     For non listed IP addresses, you can choose to either deny (block the employee from clocking in/out) or flag the employee punch.



 3. Select the Group or Employee(s) for the selected assignment group

  • Company is automatically applied to all employees


4. Click      to create the new rule 


A new listing will appear in the respective assignment category list and those employees will now have the ability to clock in/out via the web app.