Reporting Hours

Reporting Hours - Mobile Clock In/Out

How to enable the Mobile Clock In/Out reporting method and a summary of the related options

Please see the Reporting Hours Overview for details up to this point


To allow eligible employees to clock In/Out with the EWS Mobile App, follow the instructions below:


1. Check the Mobile Clock In/Out checkbox. 


2.  Click      to expand the options.


3. Configure each setting as necessary

Setting Description
Photo Required Records a photo associated with the employee's clock in/out punch 
Enable Geolocation
  • Geolocation Tracking (Optional) - Record the geolocation of devices if the location services are enabled.
  • Geolocation Tracking (Required) - Employees must have the location services enabled on their mobile device to clock in/out.
  • Enforce Geofence - Employee must be within the specified Geofence to clock in/out.
  • Allow / Flag Unauthorized Geofence - Employee punches outside of an assigned geofence are allowed but flagged.

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Restrict By Device (IMEI or ID) Records the IMEI or ID of a device used to clock in/out. This is a unique address associated with the device. Once the IMEI or ID is recorded, it will be enforced by the system. 
Allowed IMEI or ID (Optional) Enter IMEI or ID's of mobile devices to restrict usage to those devices

Warning: Allowed IMEI or ID restrictions are commonly assigned at the Employee level. Be careful not to restrict the whole Company to 1 mobile device. 


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