Reporting Hours - Mobile Clock In/Out

How to enable the Mobile Clock In/Out reporting method and a summary of the related options

Please see the Reporting Hours Overview  for details up to this point. 


1. Check the Web clock In/Out checkbox



2.  Click Mobile Clock In/ Out to expand the options. Here you can enable requirements.



Photo Required - Records a photo associated with the employee's clock in/out punch 


Enable Geolocation - Records the location associated with the employee's clock in/out punch


Geolocation tracking - Enables and enforces a Geofence


Restrict By Device (IMEI or ID) - Records the IMEI or ID of a device used to clock in/out. This is a unique address associated with the device. Once the IMEI or ID is recorded, it will be enforced by the system. 


3. Click      to create the new rule 


A new listing will appear in the respective assignment category list and those employees will now have the ability to clock in/out via the mobile app. 



For instructions on how to clock in/out via mobile, click here