Quickbooks Desktop Export Notes

How to enable Time Tracking, check Payroll Items, and import IIF files in Quickbooks Desktop

1. Open    Quickbooks Desktop


2. Click    and select 


3. Double click an employee to open the Edit Employee menu


4.  Select    and take note of the Payroll Items. The payroll item names must be matched with the names assigned in Easyworkforce



5.  Click    and select  


6. Scroll down, select    , and click the    tab


Single user mode is required for this step and the following step. Only the Admin user can perform the following steps. 


7.   a. Set    to    and make sure    is matched in                the EWS software for overtime calculation purposes. 

      b. Uncheck    (Unless these hours will be billed to a                        customer) 

      c. Click 


8. Click 


9. Once the IIF file is imported, the Timesheet information will be shown here:


Part 2: Importing the IIF File


The employee names are case sensitive. Name formatting, spacing, and capitalization must be matched exactly.