Time Taken & Balances Overview

Overview of Time Taken & Balances in EasyTimeOff



1. Select EasyTimeOff from the product menu


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2. Select       from the Left Nav


3. Select an employee from the Employees list


Time Off Types Balances and Adjustments


Once an employee is selected, Time Off Types will display the current balance (in hours) for each of the available Deductible Time Off Types



To make an adjustment to one of the balances: 


1. Click      and select Adjust Balance 


2. Select a Bucket of one the available Time Off Types


3. Enter or select a negative or positive number to correctly offset the balance


4. Enter a Reason


5. Click      to adjust the balance


Detailed List


When a Time Off Type is selected, the Detailed List displays the list of actions that have generated the current Balance for the Time Off Type. 



There are 3 Types of actions displayed in the Detailed List:

  • Accrued - Balance has accrued as a result of the rules assigned in the Policy Plan
  • Time Off - Time off that was approved, added from the Timesheet, or added from the Time Taken & Balances
  • Adjustment - Adjustment made by an employee with the required privileges to do so


Add Time Off


To add a new time off entry for an employee: 


1. Click      and select Add Time Off  



2. Select a Time Off Type


3. Select a duration: 

  • Half Day
  • Full Day 
  • Hours 

To set the Full Day and Half Day hours, see How to Set the Worked Hours Definition 


4. Enter or select an effective date

  • What day(s) should this time off be applied to?


5. Enter a comment (optional) 


6. Click to add the time off entry 


* The time off entry will be displayed on the employee's Timesheet and in the Detailed List