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Policy Plan: Non-Deductible Time Off Types

Configure Non-Deductible Time Off Types in the Policy Plan



Non-deductible Time off Types are a form of time off, such as Jury Duty, where employees do not have a bank of hours subject to a set of accrual rules. Non-deductible Time off Types are requested or assigned as time off for a full day, half day, or other predetermined number of hours. 

1. General Information


General Information about the selected Time Off Type 



2. Allow to cash out balance 


Setting Description
Allow employees to submit cash out requests  Gives employees the ability to submit cash out requests
Max total cash out hours per policy period Max hours an employee cash out per policy period
Max cash out request count per policy period Max number of requests an employee can submit per policy period

3. Request Validations


Setting Description
Allow Employee Request

Yes - Employees can request to take time off with this Time Off Type through the My Portal section

No - Employees cannot request to take time off with this Time Off Type through the My Portal section

Must be booked _ days in advance Requires that an employee request time off more than _ days in advance. If the request is less than _ days in advance, it can not be submitted. 
Max taken per policy period (hours) The maximum hours an employee can take per policy period. If the request results in an overage, the request can not be submitted.

Time off requests can be:


Full Day  -  8 hours by default

Half Day  - 4 hours by default

Hours -  Provides employee or manager the ability to specify the amount of hours when requesting time off

To set the Full Day and Half Day hours, see How to Set the Worked Hours Definition 

New hires wait _ before requesting time off Sets a waiting period before an employee is able to request time off for the first time after their hire date


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