Getting Started

EasyTimeOff Overview

Overview of the Paid Time Off process and how to set it up

Getting Started


Before Time Off rules can be applied, the Time Off Configurations must be in place.  Below is a list of elements that may need to be added first if they are required in the Paid Time Off Process. 


1.  Add Groups to define the various groups (to use effective dates)


2.  Add Custom Fields


3.  Add Time Off Types


4.  Add Holidays


5.  Add Blackout Sets


6.  Review and Add FMLA Reasons


7.  Add Time off Tags


Policy Plan 


Once all of the necessary elements have been added, it's time to add a Policy Plan to set the baseline rules for EasyTimeOff. 




After the Policy Plan is place, the Time Off Management Workflows should be reviewed/edited to enforce the approval process and Blackout Set. 


  • Time Off Request 
  • Cancel Time Off Request