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How to Review Out-of-Shift Work

How to review out-of-shift work for employees on the Employee Timesheet

What is Out-of-Shift work? 

Out-of-shift work is work performed by an employee before or after their scheduled shift. The “Out of Shift” feature determines the amount of worked hours outside of a shift. This is useful to employers that want the ability to choose whether all of the “out of shift” hours should be paid or not. 


Before reviewing out-of-shift punches, you must first configure the settings to allow it. See: Scheduling (Global Settings) Overview

1. Select EasyClocking from the product menu

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2. Select a Timesheet from the left nav and select an employee to open their Timesheet

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3. Locate the Out of Shift Hours you wish to review



4. Click      to the right of the Out Of Shift hours and select Review Out of Shift

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5. For individual shifts, click     to approve the OOS and mark it as read


If the OOS is not approved, or should not be paid as worked hours, click      to mark the OOS as read


For all shifts, click    to approve all or click    to mark all as read.


6. Click    to apply changes to the Timesheet


7. Click      and select      to save the Timesheet