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How to Add Open Shifts

How to Add Open Shifts to the Scheduler

1. Select EasyScheduling from the Product Menu


Image from Gyazo


2. Select Shift Planner from the Left Nav



3. Drag and drop a Shift Template  or click the “+” symbol to add a new open shift


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4. Enter the necessary information 


Start Time Start time of the shift
End TIme End time of the shift
Color Display color of the shift on the scheduler
Break (min) Define the break length within the shift
Is Critical? Marks shift as "Critical" for classification and workflow decisions
Notes (optional) Add a note for future reference
Save as Shift Template Adds template to the scheduler



5. Click Save to create the Open Shift


You will see the open shift appear on the schedule for the selected date(s)


6. Click      and select Publish    



 7.  Select the Open Shifts you want to publish and click Publish



Once published, the schedule box color will change to solid