Initial Setup Wizard

6. Reporting Hours

Initial Setup Wizard Part 6: Reporting Hours

Reporting Hours


1. What is the maximum number of hours an employee can work in a shift?

  • Essentially, this is asking you how long the work day could be for your employees. 
    For example: If the employee works a standard 8-hour day, but is entitled to breaks, overtime, and double-time, you will want to consider their worked hours + any potential breaks, overtime, or double-time when inputting a value for the maximum number of hours. Thus, 12 is the default value in the system.


2. What is the maximum rest/break hours between shifts?


3. How do you want employees to Clock In/Out?


  • Manual Punch Selection – An employee will be presented with 3 options: Clock In, Clock Out, Start Break

* More options can be available if multiple breaks, lunches, or jobs are implemented


  • Quick Punch – If this method is used and an employee does not have a break assigned, automatically allocates an IN or OUT punch. 


Time Reporting Methods


Select all of the methods that employees use to to report time. 


To learn more about the Reporting Hours, see Reporting Hours Overview


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