Initial Setup Wizard

5. Pay Period

Initial Setup Wizard Part 5: Pay Period

Pay Period


1. Select a Pay Period 

  • Weekly 
  • Biweekly
  • Monthly
  • Semi-Monthly 


2. Select a Pay Period Start Date (When should this Pay Period rule go into effect?)


3. Select the first day of the work week (for overtime calculations)

  • e.g. Weekly - Monday to Sunday 


Make sure the Pay Period Start Date matches with the first day of the work week, unless you are using a semi-monthly pay period


4. Do you want to set a Timesheet approval deadline?

  • Do you require multiple people to approve Timesheets before processing payroll? 


To learn more about the Timesheet approval process, please see Timesheet Approval Process Overview


If no, click 


If yes, click    and specify how many days after the end of the pay period are managers allowed to approve the Timesheet. 


* Note - After the approval deadline, managers will not be allowed to approve the Timesheet. Only employees with the Timesheet Administrator Privilege will be allowed to approve the Timesheet after the deadline. 


5. How many days after the pay period ends do you want to close the pay period? 


* After this date, you can close the pay period, unless otherwise stated in the Close Pay Period Workflow


To add, edit, or archive a Pay Period Configuration rule after the initial setup, see Pay Period Configuration Overview


Click     to proceed


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