Time Clock Initial Setup

Initial Setup Ethernet Instructions

How to complete the time clock initial setup by connecting via Ethernet cable

   Ethernet Setup


1. Insert an Ethernet cable into the device (next to the power adapter) and check for an IP address



* If is still displayed after the Ethernet cable is inserted, select Wi-Fi from the Connection Type screen and turn the Wi-Fi off



To set a Static IP:

a. Scroll down to the bottom and select Advanced Options



b. Make sure IP Mode is set to "Static"



c. Tap the IP Address row, enter an address, and tap Save



2. Once an IP Address is displayed, tap Cancel to go back to the connection type screen



3. "You are online!" will be displayed at the top of the connection type screen. Tap Next to continue. 



4. Tap    to continue 


Based on your company's network policy, if Cloud Port 8883 does not provide a connection, try 443.


5. Tap OK



6. Tap Next 



7. Tap Done to enter the Home screen