Shift Management

How to Use the Shift Copy Function

How to use the Shift Copy function in the Scheduler to apply shifts to a following week

Before Shifts can be Copied, they must be added. To learn how to add Shifts, see: How to Add Shifts to the Scheduler


* Make sure the 7 Day View is selected in the Scheduler. (The Copy feature is only available in the 7 Day View).

1. Once you've added the baseline Shifts: 

Click       and select Copy 


2. Make the necessary selections and click   

Setting Description

Number of selected elements (unpublished Shifts) to be copied over the specified duration.

* Use the checkbox to unselect/select elements 

Start Start of the selected 7 day date range in the Scheduler
End End of the selected 7 day date range in the Scheduler
Copy to First day of the following week selected
End Last day of the following week selected
Select Option When Copying the Shift(s) to a following week, the software checks that week for overlapping Shifts. An overlapping Shift occurs when 2 Shifts are assigned to the same day at the same time. The following options dictate the outcome when an overlapping shift is detected.
  • Allow Conflicts 
  • Avoid Conflicts
  • Overwrite Conflicts
  • Stop Operation if Conflict(s)