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How to Update a Time Clock Device

How to Update a Time Clock Device to the Latest App Version

Time clock devices must be updated manually with assistance from our support team. Please submit a ticket or call (888) 783-1493 if an update is required. 

To help us help you, please provide the Serial # of your time clock device. 

See: How to Check a Time Clock Serial # and App Version


      To upgrade a time clock device to the latest app version, please follow the instructions below: 

1. Go to the time clock device



2.  Tap    to open the menu


3. Select an authentication method to verify that you are an administrator on the device

  • Use the key if an administrator has not been assigned 


4. Select About Device from the menu options 


5. Select System Updates


6. Tap Download Updates Manually to begin downloading available updates

  • Once downloaded, Tap Install Update Available
    • The same option in step 6 will now display Install Update Available

  7.  Tap Install Update Available to install the downloaded update

  8.  Wait for the update to install