Initial Setup

How to Import Time Off Balances

How to use the import tool to import time off balances via CSV file

1. Click    Import in the Left Nav to expand the options and select Time Off Balances.

2. Click       in the software to download the sample file.


3. Open the sample file from the browser or from the Downloads folder. Spreadsheet software such as Excel or Libre Office Calc is required to complete the following steps.



4. Enter the Time Off Balance info into the required fields. 

Required Fields

Field Description
Employee ID

Unique ID assigned to employees

Employee Name Employee's first and last name 
Time Off Code Enter the Time Off Code of the Time Off Type
Time Off Name Enter the Time Off Name of the Time Off Type

Time Off Balance to be added or overwritten. 

The following formats are supported: 

  • Minutes (e.g. 2130)  
  • Hours and Minutes (hh:mm) (e.g. 35:30) 
  • Decimals (e.g. 35.50)

* The Balance Format used must be selected in step 7

To enter ID's or Time Off Codes that start with a zero, format the Employee ID/Time Off Code columns as text. 


5. Once you are finished entering the Time Off Balances, save the file as a CSV.

Excel:                                           Libre Office Calc:



6.  Select an Import Balance Action

Setting Description
Overwrite Replace the current balances 
Add Adjust the current balances


7.  Select the Balance Format used in the CSV file. 

  • Minutes (e.g. 2130)  
  • Hours and Minutes (hh:mm) (e.g. 35:30) 
  • Decimals (e.g. 35.50)


8. Click Browse, select the CSV file, and open it.


9. Click      to import the CSV file.


10. The software will detect fields from the uploaded file. Make sure the heading names match the respective fields. 

11. Click 

12. Select employees and click 


13. Click    to confirm.


The overwritten/adjusted time off balances can be viewed under Time Taken & Balances.