How to Import Jobs

How to use the Import Tool to import Jobs via CSV file

The Job Costing Initial Setup must be completed before Jobs can be imported.


1. Click    Import in the Left Nav to expand the options and select Job Costing.

2. Select an Import Action: 

  • Save/Create - Add new Jobs
  • Only Update - Updates previously added Jobs

3. Select Jobs from the drop-down list. 

4. Click    in the software to download the sample file. 

5. Open the sample file from the browser or from the Downloads folder. Spreadsheet software such as Excel or Libre Office Calc is required for the following steps:


6.  Enter the Job data into the fields. The Required Fields must be filled to continue.



Job Costing Fields


Field  Description

Job Code assigned to the Job. 

Name Name of the Job

Internal - Jobs used for standard business 

External - Jobs used for client projects

Rate Pay rate assigned to the Job Costing Configuration
Employee ID

Employee ID assigned to the Job

* If "All" is entered, all employees in the "Group Name" Group will be assigned the Job. 

Group Name Group assigned to the Job


7. Once you are finished entering the Job data, save the file as a CSV.

       Excel:                                            Libre Office Calc:



8. Click Browse, select the CSV file, and open it.



9. Click      to import the CSV file.  


10. The software will detect fields from the uploaded file.

Make sure the heading names match the respective fields and click 


11. Select the identified Jobs and click 

  • If  appears next to a Job with a name or code, click the Job to view the fields that contain errors. 
    • If no Name or Code appears next to the Job, there is no issue ✔️.  



* The Jobs and related Job Costing Configurations will appear listed in the Job Costing Global Settings.