My Portal

How to Enable My Portal on Time Clock Devices

How to enable the My Portal menu option on time clock devices for employees to view the Pay Period Summary and My Punches.

The Online Features setting must be enabled in the Time Clock Settings options to use this feature. 

The My Portal feature displays the Pay Period Hours Summary and "My Punches" for the current day. To enable the My Portal option on the home screen of time clock devices, follow the instruction below.

1. Open the Global Settings 


2. Click Time Clocks to expand the options and select Time Clock Settings

Time Clock Settings


3. Expand the default rule or create a rule from one of the hierarchy options (Company, Group, Employee)

Pencil time clock settings


4. Click on the pencil next to the rule


5. Select Online from the panel

Enable My Portal


6. Check the box to Enable My Portal, and 

Online Feature