Scheduling Application

How to Archive Shifts

How to Archive Shifts in the Scheduler

Before Shifts can be archived, they must first be added. For instructions please see: How to Add Shifts to the Scheduler


To archive Shifts, or remove them from the Scheduler, follow the instructions below. 


* Make sure the 7 Day View is selected in the Scheduler. (The Archive Function is only available in the 7 Day View).


To Archive Shifts Individually: 


1. Click the Shift you wish to archive and select the      icon 



2. Click      and select Save   

To Archive Multiple Shifts: 


2. Hover over the 7 day period you wish to archive and

Click      and select Archive   


3. Select the Element(s) to be archived



4. Click      and select Save   


* Employees will be notified when a Shift is archived: