Time Off Types

How to Add Time Off Types

How to add time off types to be used in a Policy Plan

1. Click    to open the Global Settings



2. Click Time Off to expand the options and select Time Off Types



3. Click      and select Add   


4. Enter a Name 


5. Enter a Code


6. Select a Type 


  • Deductible - Employee has a bank of hours per Policy Plan period.
    • Requests made deduct from the employee’s time off balance
    • Examples: Vacation, Sick Days, Personal Days

  • Non-deductible  - No bank of hours for employee
    • Examples: Jury Duty, Working Out-of-Office, Appointment

  • Comp Time - Holds comp time hours
    • When an employee works OT, those hours can be converted into Compensatory Time 

7. Enter a Description (Optional) 


8. Click      to save the Time Off Type