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How to Add Shifts to the Scheduler

How to Add Shifts to the Scheduler to define and assign shifts to employees

Shifts are defined and assigned to employees in the Scheduler. Once Shifts are added, the software knows when an employee is supposed to clock in and how long they are supposed to work for. Managers can be alerted if employees arrive late, leave early, or don't show up at all. To add Shifts to the Scheduler, follow the instructions below.



1. Go to the EasyScheduling Product Area.

If EasyScheduling is not available, please skip to the next step. 

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2. Select a    Schedule Plan from the Left Nav and open the Scheduler.


3. Mouseover a day on the Scheduler and click the + sign.



* You can click and drag over an area to add shifts over multiple days.



4. Configure each setting as necessary.



Setting Description
Start The starting date and time of the shift
End The ending date and time of the shift
Organization Groups

Location, Department, Position, or any other Organization Group can be assigned to a Shift

* Organization Groups are selected in the Schedule Criteria and then assigned to the Schedule Plan

Is critical Marks the shift as "Critical" for use within a Workflow
Color Display color of the Shift on the Scheduler
Break  (min.) Defines a break time within the Shift
Notes Notes are displayed in the Shift details and in the alert sent to employees
Save as Shift Template Save the Shift as a Shift Template that can be drag + dropped into the Scheduler


5. Click      to add the Shift


Once a shift has been added, shifts can be copied across multiple days of the same week with the following methods:


  • Alt + Left Mouse Button 




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*  Shifts can be copied over an extended period by using the Copy function. See: How to use the Shift Copy Function


6. Once all of the Shifts have been added, click      and select Publish   


7. Review the Elements and click   



* The Shift Block Status on the Scheduler will change from Draft to Published


Shift Block Status Example










* Employees will receive a notification with the Shift details