How to Add Holidays

How to add Holidays to the Scheduler

1. Click    to open the Global Settings



2. Click Time Off to expand the options and select Holidays



  3. Select an Assignment Group

To learn more about the Assignment Scope Hierarchy, see The Assignment Scope Hierarchy

  •  Company – Applies to the whole company 
  •  Group – Applies to a group of employees such as a particular location or department
  •  Employee – Select one or more employees for individual application


4. Select or create a Rule Name

  • e.g. Company Holidays


5. Select a Rule Effective Start Date (when should this rule go into effect?) 


6. Click    to add a Holiday



7. Select or create a Name 

  • e.g. Halloween


8. Enter or select a Specific Date



9. Select a Pay Time (How much of the day will be paid on this Holiday?) 

  • Full day 
  • Half day 
  • Specific Hours 

To set the Full Day and Half Day hours, see How to Set the Worked Hours Definition 


10. Click      to insert the Holiday


11. Click    to add an additional Holiday or click    to apply the Holiday Rule


* The Holiday will appear in the Scheduler and Timesheets for employees within 2 pay periods of the Holiday date