Groups Overview

An overview of Groups and how to add additional Groups for organizational purpose

If you don't see Groups listed in the Global Settings, please contact support for assistance

By default, the Location, Department, and Position Groups can be added in the Initial Setup Wizard


Groups Overview


What is a Group? A Group is an Assignment Scope that contains specific instances within the scope. For example, you could add a Group called "Management" and add instances to the Management Group such as Team Leads, Assistant Managers, or Supervisors. 


There are 3 Assignment Scopes that are used for assigning rules within the software: Company, Group, and Employee. 



To learn more about the Assignment Scope Hierarchy, click here




1. Click the Global Settings Cog Wheel 



2. Select Organization Groups



3. Click       and select Add    


4. Enter a name for the new Organization Group


Is self maintained (aka Dynamic Group - conditional grouping calculated on a daily basis)


Is managed - Enables you to choose a management level for this group 


5. Click   


6. Click the new Organization Group


7. Click the Ellipsis and select Group Structure



8. Click   


9. Click      and select Add    


10. Enter a Name



11. Click   


The new Organization Group will appear under EasyHR > Organization Groups