How to Add a Job Costing Configuration

How to Add a Job Tracking Configuration

1. Click    to open the Global Settings



2. Click Time Off to expand the options and select Job Costing



3. Select a Job to be configured



4. Select an Assignment Scope. To learn more, see The Assignment Scope Hierarchy


  •  Company – Applies to the whole company 
  •  Group – Applies to a group of employees such as a particular location or department
  •  Employee – Select one or more employees for individual application


5. Configure each setting as necessary



Setting Description
Rule Name Display name assigned to the Job Costing Configuration
Rule Effective Start Date Date the Job Costing Configuration goes into effect
Job Costing Displays the Job previously selected
Rate Type

None - Job will not have a rate

Base Rate - Uses the Employee's Pay Rate

Fixed - Uses the rate entered

(Base Rate * Multiplier) + Rate - If applicable

(Base Rate + Rate) * Multiplier - If applicable

(Base Rate / Divider) + Rate - If applicable

(Base Rate + Rate) / Divider - If applicable

Rate Applies only if the rate type is Fixed
Multiplier Multiplier for the above custom calculation options
Guaranteed Hours Guaranteed # of hours paid when the Job is selected
Time Code If no time code is selected, the default Reporting Hours time code will be assigned
Excluded from weighted calc  


6. Select Groups or Employees for the assignment scope (If applicable)


7. Click      to save the Job Costing Configuration