Exceptions Overview

How to navigate to the Exceptions and an overview of each Exception



1. Select EasyHR from the Product Menu


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2. Select Exceptions from the Left Nav



Exceptions Overview


Use a Date Filter to view Exceptions over a specified date range



Today - The present day 

Pay Period - Select a date range within a past, present, or future Pay Period

Custom dates - Select a custom date range


Arrived late - Employee arrived after their scheduled start time


Left Early - Employee left before their scheduled end time


Unplanned Absence - Employee was scheduled to work a scheduled shift but was not present


Missing Punch - Employee has clocked IN and their subsequent punch is missing 


Long Break - Employee break has exceeded the preset duration


No Break - Employee did not take their assigned break 


Short Break - Employee break was shorter than the preset duration


Exceptions can also be viewed as a Widget in the Manager Dashboard