Employment Status

Employee Termination

How to Terminate an Employee and select an Employee Termination Date

When an employee is terminated, or no longer works for the company, their Employment Status can be changed to Terminated. Terminating an employee from the software will allow you to add another employee on the software according to the number of user’s allowed in your license agreement. For audit purposes, any previous records from the terminated employee will be kept in the database and will not be deleted.




1.  Click Employees to expand the options, select Employee List, and select an employee


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2. Click Employment



3. Look for Employee Status and click     to edit the employee's Status



4. Select Terminated from the drop-down options 



5. Select a Termination Date

  • This date may be used to calculate prorated paid time off


6. Select a Voluntary Termination option, Termination Reason, and Eligible to Rehire option (optional)


7. Click     to save changes