Automatic Break | Breaks Overview

Overview of the Automatic Break Type

Automatic Breaks are automatically assigned to an employee's Timesheet once a specified number of hours have been worked by the employee. Keep reading to learn more. 


Setting Description
Break Name * The Break name will display on the Timeclock, Web Clock, Mobile App, and Timesheet
Break Duration Specify a Break Length
Deduct after working

Number of hours employees must work before an Automatic Break is applied to the Timesheet

* System will deduct time from worked hours and add it to Breaks Taken

Repeat every (# of hours specified)

If Yes - The Automatic Break repeats every time the specified number of hours is worked in a single shift

If No - The Automatic Break will not repeat


Once the specified number of Worked Hours has been reached, an Automatic Break will be added to the Timesheet.

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*AB = Automatic Break