Manage Timesheets

How to Add Time from the Web App

How to Add Time to an employee's Timesheet as a manager from the web app.

1. Select EasyClocking from the Product Menu

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 2. Select a Timesheet from the Left Nav and select an employee to open their Timesheet


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There are places you can add time to a time sheet



3. Click Add Time


  • Date Range – Can be edited by clicking the Calendar Icon    
  • Time Entry is associated with a specific time, such as 9 AM. 
  • Duration is a flat amount of hours, such as 8 hours. 
  • Time – The time of the employee punch
  • Punch Type 
    • Automatic - The system will automatically determine the placement of the punch
    • In - Add a "Clock In" punch
    • Out - Add a "Clock Out" punch
    • Start Break - The punch will be added as the starting lunch/break time
    • End Break - The punch will be added as the ending lunch/break time
    • In (Start Shift) - The punch will be added as the first punch of the day/shift
  •  Select a Time Code
  • Add Entry – Add an additional entry to the timesheet. Provides the ability to add both Clock In&Out punches for a shift to complete the time segment. 


 4. Click      to add the time entry to the Timesheet


5. Click      and select  Save     to save changes in the database.  


    Click      and select  Approve Timesheet     to save and approve the                  Timesheet.